Most Useful Linux Command-Line Tricks

We use many Linux command lines every day. We know some tricks from the web, but if we don’t practice them, we may forget them. I’ve decided to make a list of tips and tricks that you may have forgotten or that may be entirely new to you.

Display Output as a Table

Sometimes, when you see the output of a command, it can be overwhelming to identify the output due to overcrowded strings (for example, the output of the mount command). How about viewing it like a table? This is easy to do!

mount | column –t:

screen-shot-IT Planet

In this example, the output is well-formatted because of the spaces. What if the separators were something else, like colons? (For example, in the output of cat /etc/passwd.)

Just specify the separator with an –s parameter, like below.

cat /etc/passwd | column -t -s: